Cell Biology of Schistosomes - implications for diagnostics and vaccines

Fevereiro 17, 2023

It is with great pleasure that the Graduate Program in Biological Sciences at the Federal University of Ouro Preto announces the course Cell Biology of Schistosomes - implications for diagnostics and vaccines to be given by Visiting Professor Alan Wilson, over 6 mornings, from 14/03 to 30/03. Prof. Alan has an emeritus position at the University of York, United Kingdom, where he dedicated his career to understanding the biology and immunology of schistosomes; his scientific contribution currently exceeds 250 articles. Based on his experience, the seminars will cover the cercaria and the infection process, development in the mammalian host, and the tissues and organs of the adult worms. He will highlight what we know and equally what we do not about these complex and fascinating parasites. The implications for the development of diagnostics and the rational design of vaccines in the fight against schistosomiasis will be evaluated.


The course will be given in person at the NUPEB/UFOP on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm with simultaneous transmission via Google meet to the public outside UFOP. The total workload of 15 hours may be counted as 1 credit for students regularly enrolled in the course. Graduate students outside UFOP may also request the credit after the course. The complete program is attached. To freely enroll in the course, please fill out the google form available at the link below: